Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Graffiti in Italy

Dayna's 'graffiti'

Dayna of Alley Art Studio blogged her four week trip to Italy. She bought a red marker along the way and added some of her own 'graffiti' here and there. It motivated me to get out the graffiti shots I took in Italy to post here. Say hey to Dayna when you visit her and be sure to look back as far as her October posts - there are many great travel photos and stories to be enjoyed.



Ambitious graffiti on the train tracks.

This isn't graffiti, but it is in the style - danger on the train tracks!

There was some more personal religious graffiti too.

I love this stenciled piece. What a great idea!

John found this one near the bus stop at Tarquinia.
It seems appropriate to end this post with this piece.


Dayna Collins said...

Thanks for featuring my little flaming heART! Your graffiti post has inspired me to post "some" of the graffiti photos I took while in Italy . . .

peshe said...

theresa, kewl graffiti. the stencils certainly do personalize things. humm,.... well if one is going to leave one's mark, it may as well be creative.

was wondering when dayna was gonna post her graffiti shots.

oh, yeah, i'll take a look at your blog.


Dawn said...

Graffiti photos are fabulous, I see so much graffiti in Spain and some of it is amazing, will have to see about taking photos next time I go...

Robyn said...

NOw I've really got the travel bug!