Thursday, September 25, 2008

Window Shopping in Rome

A whole lotta window shopping went on. Here are some creative handbags - I almost can't believe the porcupine bag - it's awesome. It looks like it had a metallic snout and leather quills. The muted color of it is beautiful. Almost more sculptural than functional I think. What would one wear with this one?

This pink beaded and sequin purse is sweet.

A wedding dress and bag to match. Lovely.

Leather bags abound.

John took this shot - a Ferrari bike - boy heaven! (I like it too)!

Venetian glass and chandeliers


This store was closed, and these shoes are arranged perfectly in the entrance way.

Ultra modern interior and old Rome exterior. An exquisite combination.

The clergy gets to window shop, and shop too, of course. This store was filled with Sunday best.


Lorri said...

Oh I want to go to Rome!! Everything is so gorgeous... thanks for sharing. I really liked that shoe store, which was closed - what a fabulous way of making a statement. As a retailer, I really could appreciate their effort in showing they care about their store. To me it shouted "we love what we do and are proud of our product"

Robyn said...

Shoppers Paradise! The porcupine bag would have to be worn with jeans, a black T and silver grey pumps. A blank canvas. You must have had a fantastic time!

Dayna Collins said...

We found that purple everything ruled (for men and women) and boots boots boots!