Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pompeii - and the Villa of the Mysteries

Pompeii is one of those places on earth that has ghosts. You feel the past lingering on in so many ways. It's more than knowing that Vesuvius erupted in Aug of 79AD. Partially it's knowing that the city was encased in ash and somewhat preserved. Some of the feeling comes from seeing the casts of the people who were frozen in their deaths in ash. I think it's more, though, a sense of space and time that cross in some way to encourage a mystical feeling in the visitor. I would love to return to Pompeii.

The chariot ruts are clearly visable on the streets.

A crumbling relief visible in the baths.

The costly cinnabar pigment in the frescoes is still rich looking at the Villa of the Mysteries.

This poor man was frozen in the ash, then cast. He is now encased in glass in a courtyard along with another figure.


Robyn said...

Pompeii is on my list of "must do". My daughter and I are saving for a trip to Italy but with the exchange rate the goal posts keep moving further away. (a one night stay overseas will cost us the same as 10 to 15 nights at a 5 star Game lodge in this country)
Your photographs are renewing my determination to get to Italy.

Sarah said...

thanks for sharing these photos a definate visit for me

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Absolutely amazing. Such treasures, and you are so blessed to be able to see such sites.

Dayna Collins said...

Pompeii was one of the favorite places we visited while in Italy, and it even made our Top Ten list. I had wanted to visit since I was a little girl and I got to be there on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me.