Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vultures circling Arlington

On Friday I had a strong premonition that I should put my camera in my pocket when I left to run some errands. I listened without a second thought (yes, listened to that voice in my head) and I was glad I did.

As I was driving I saw a huge bird that I took to be a hawk land in a tree. I pulled over to get a better look. A woman stopped on the sidewalk to look as well. She said "it's a vulture - she's been in the neighborhood eating road kill for a few days". It hopped from the tree to a nearby roof. I took these photos as the bird posed beautifully. It looks like an ornament on the peak of the roof, doesn't it?

I knew that turkey vultures lived in forested areas near here but I've never seen one in the suburbs before. We have foxes in the neighborhood, opossum, and some say coyotes too. Deer have been spotted trotting down the nearby bike trail. So why not turkey vultures to eat the carrion?

Who knows what caused me to feel I had a premonition or why I followed it so blindly. Seeing a vulture land in a tree and hop a couple roofs was pretty cool. Having my camera with me was cooler.

Wikipedia says "Creativity has been associated with right or forehead brain activity or even specifically with lateral thinking." I think that by having my camera with me I was open to seeing the bird landing out of the corner of my eye. Who knows what I will see next time I'm driving around.

Short clip of vulture in motion


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

fascinating Theresa! Those voices need to be listened to = don't they! :) These birds have such an important place in the circle of life. You got some splendid pics! I really Love all of your PW quote pieces! They are each brilliant!!!

Kelly said...

there is an enormous flock of turkey vultures at the preschool where both of my boys attended. i loved those big ugly birds. they like to fly on warm currents of air and there must have been some over there. they are HUGE birds and they would glide and float every morning. but it was a little tiny bit creepy to see them sitting on top of the church where the preschool was. all the children running and playing and then all these vultures. hee. shiver.

Robyn said...

I'm learning to take my camera everywhere and I'm sure it makes us more aware of the little moments to capture on film....but I also believe in those little nudges.