Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brighter Bigger Moon tonight!

The biggest full Moon of 2009 - brighter and wider!

Post script: here is a photo of my view of this moon.


Studio Panorama said...

Thanks for the info. Now if only the rain clouds would disappear so that I could see it.

Kelly Snelling said...

cool! thanks for the info. the kids will be very excited to read about this. in november number one son had to keep a log about the the moon for several weeks. so we did lots of moon watching.

Anonymous said...

It was great at 8000' too!

peggy gatto said...

I am a moon nut!Great picture. The moon came up here about 5 pm, bright white in dusk light!
Please come by my blog, I have something for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Theresa, this moon portrait is stunning - I can see it printed on a transparency or transferred onto a canvas, as a background, or just on its own.

Thanks for dropping by my blog today - it is always great to hear from you!

Congrats on your newest publication too - girl, you rock!

Cindy :)

johanna said...

how funny!! i just was to post about the big moon on sunday, but went astray and then forgot about it... now i find it on your blog:))

always love coming by:)
*luna-tic* johanna

Dayna Collins said...

Beautiful moon shot!

ArtPropelled said...

Great photo!

Barbara said...

i saw the same moon!